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About Us

Made in W.A.

Produced in Western Australian, NuWood skirting boards have been designed and developed for their elegance, durability and easy installation.

100% Australian

Nuwood is a 100% Australian made product that uses only Australian MDF sourced from renewable timber plantations in Australia and German-made paper laminate.

Highly resistant

NuWood is highly resistant to scuffing and impact damage particularly on the corners where most damage occurs on conventional skirting. Most marks can be quickly removed with the wipe of a water-based cleaning agent.

Don’t need to be an expert

NuWood Skirting Boards mean you don’t need to be an expert. Forget the bother and expense of trying to match mitred corners or fumbling about with nails and glue, with NuWood Skirting Boards simply Click ‘n’ Stick in six easy steps to a more beautiful home.


NuWood Click ‘n’ Stick is available from all major Bunnings Warehouses throughout Western Australia.


The NuWood Concept!

  • Creating timber look skirting without harvesting limited precious timber forests
  • Corner pieces were developed to reduce the frustration of achieving accurate mitre
  • Create perfect finish with mitre-free corners or traditional mitring
  • 100 % Australian made using 100% Australian MDF and German made paper laminate
  • MDF is sourced from renewable timber plantations in Australia
  • DIY – achieve professional finish at fraction of cost
  • Joining system- continuous skirting, very little leftovers
  • Guaranteed product (under normal conditions – not exposed to excessive heat or moisture)
  • Available in 7 timber finishes and white

NuWood Click ‘n’ Stick skirting is suitable for all types of floor coverings including

  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • Laminate flooring
  • Bamboo
  • Wooden flooring
  • Tiles
  • Polished concrete

You get a beautiful, professional look without the hassles!

Click ‘n’ Stick skirting is available in a wide range of moulding styles in white and wood grain finishes which are protected with a two-pack lacquer. NuWood fittings and skirting are resistant to scuffing and impact damage, particularly on the corners where most damage occurs on conventional skirting. Most marks can be quickly removed with the wipe of a water-based cleaning agent . The laminate, however, will tolerate most solvents and marks are easily removed without any adverse effects on the finish.
Click ‘n’ Stick skirting or trims are ideal for giving the finishing touch to floating flooring. The required expansion gap is easily covered with the skirtings or trims, allowing boards to move freely underneath them.
NuWood skirting is made from moisture resistant high density, reconstituted plantation timber. This finish lends itself beautiful to mitering, should that be the preferred method. A fine toothed saw blade, and cutting from the finished side will give the cleanest cut.

Where to buy

Hints & Tips!

  • Safety – When sawing, always use an Australian Standards facemask and protective eyewear. This is particularly important when using a power saw.
  • Safety – Keep the area well ventilated at all times, if possible, the skirting should be cut and painted (if required) outside
  • If you intend to paint the skirting, spray paint will give an even coat, free of brush marks. Painting should be done prior to installing the skirting and needs to be oil based to ‘key’ into the 2pac lacquer of the skirtings
  • Water-based glue such as Selleys’s All-fix will make clean up much easier.
  • Cutting all skirting to size for one room and dry-fitting (without glueing), will enable you to make any adjustments/ alterations prior to fixing the skirting.
  • Gaps between walls and skirtings can be filled with some ‘No-more Gaps’ type product blended with the colour of your wall. Wipe skirtings clean when finished using a damp cloth.
  • When joining lengths, use the machine cut ends of your skirtings if you are not using a drop saw.

We recommend:

  • Using a soft cloth and mild, detergent solution to clean the skirtings and floor trims. Towel dry after cleaning.
  • Stubborn stains (including rubber scuff marks) can be removed by gently wiping the surface with thinners or citrus clean on a soft cloth.
  • DO NOT use abrasive, cream or solvent based cleaners, industrial solvents, or scourers on the skirtings and floor trims. They will void the Nuwood Products warranty.